Hair by Derek Montero
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A Few Words from Our Fabulous Clients

Testimonials“Tammy is INCREDIBLE!!!. I’ve been a client of Studio 510’s for about 2 years now and highly recommend Tammy to anyone interested in not only loving their hair, but as someone who will take the time to get to know you and your hair…leaving you looking and feeling great! I have been known to be a tough critic when it comes to hair, however I trust Tammy to sensitively listen to my own style recommendations and allow her to work her magic as an experienced stylist to create a look I’m always more than impressed with. The staff and atmosphere at Studio 510 are sure to leave anyone, including myself, more than pleased with their overall salon experience. Thanks Tammy!!! 🙂 “


“People want my hair. I’m not trying to brag, but I have gone to Derek at Studio 510 for 7 years and he has made my hair look amazing every single time. I often get stopped by strangers who compliment my beautiful hair. The blonde highlights that he does are so natural looking people don’t realize they are highlights. My hair is down to my lower back, and his cut keeps it looking incredibly healthy.

I give all credit to Derek, who is constantly discovering new color, highlight, and cut techniques, and sharing them with his staff and very fortunate clients. I didn’t realize what a difference the right hair products would make, and his suggestions on amazing shampoo and conditioner have improved the look and feel of my hair over the years. I can’t recommend Studio 510 enough, and a lot of my friends have taken my suggestion and are happy clients (with great hair) of Studio 510! “